Precise Thinking  has participated in the ‘Elements and Components of The Smart Cities Forum, which was held in Alexandria City under the patronage of the Governor of Alexandria, in cooperation with ‘The Arab Forum for Smart Cities’, on February 25-28.

The aim of the forum is to transfer successful experiences in the field of information technology to contribute to increasing the readiness of the governorate to achieve electronic transformation and apply it in the smart cities, and Providing rehabilitation and training services to human resources in the field of information technology, and strengthening partnerships with Arab, international and regional organizations to organize the role of technology in achieving sustainable development.

The participation of Precise Thinking was represented by Eng. Mohanned Momani; Cybersecurity and Information Technology Expert, was based on the importance of cybersecurity and the security of IT systems as a cornerstone of smart cities.

The Forum included several subjects such as: the key performance indicators related to sustainable smart cities, and the smart city's cornerstones (elements and conditions of transformation to a smart city) as well as the role of Cybersecurity and networks to protect the smart cites data. Also the main challenges facing the application of smart cities were discussed, and international experience in transforming to smart cities was highlighted.  In addition to the role of e-governments in implementing smart governance and switching to intelligent transport systems.

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